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About Titan Sweet Product

Why TitanSweet?

Bulk Ingredients, industrial ingredient sourcing, negotiating, transporting, and delivering the bulk industrial ingredients you need from our vast worldwide networks - foodguys is your one-stop-shop! We have the resources and expertise to provide you with all-encompassing ingredient solutions to your industrial ingredient needs. is a bulk ingredient supplier for manufacturers in the food and beverage (human-grade, baby, and pet food), personal care, beauty, and nutraceutical industry. In addition, foodguys works with retailers, distributors, food service operators to provide bulk ingredient sourcing, ingredient solutions, and streamline processes related to ingredient procurement, transportation, and storage.

Our resources allow us to pass high-volume/low-cost per unit order prices on to you. Our MOQs with our partners begin at one pallet (2,000 lbs). And the best part? We consider ourselves part of your team, so we will actively seek out additional ways for your organization to improve. 

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TitanSweet vs. Other Sweeteners

Titan Sweet is a proprietary sweetener designed to closely mimic the taste of sugar while offering low or zero caloric content and minimal impact on blood sugar levels, making it suitable for diabetics and those managing calorie intake.

Compared to common sweeteners like sugar, aspartame, stevia, sucralose, erythritol, and monk fruit extract, Titan Sweet aims to provide a similar sweetness profile without the associated health concerns of high-calorie intake or blood sugar spikes. Its suitability for various uses and individual health preferences positions it as a competitive option in the sweetener market.

  • What is Titan Sweet?
    Titan Sweet is a sweetener or flavor modifier approximately 1,200 times stronger than table sugar. It is safe for diabetics and keto-friendly.
  • What's in Titan Sweet?
    Titan Sweet is a proprietary blend of natural flavors, the foundation of which is Thaumatin. All ingredients have GRAS status.
  • What is Thaumatin?
    Thaumatin is an amino acid derived from the African Katemfe Fruit (Thaumatococcus daniellii). It is listed on the FEMA library (FEMA #3732) and has GRAS status worldwide as a sweetener and flavor modifier depending on its use and where the finished goods are sold.
  • Are there any negative side effects or health concerns with either Titan Sweet or Thaumatin?
    Not at this time. Thaumatin has been a known ingredient since the mid-1970s, and there have been no reported allergies or adverse effects from its usage. All other ingredients in Titan Sweet are GRAS, all-natural and non-allergenic
  • How is Titan Sweet labeled on a finished product?
    In most cases, depending on usage, it can be listed under the heading of a “natural flavor” Some countries' labeling requires Thaumatin to be identified, and thus the labeling would be two separate listings, Thaumatin and Natural Flavors. The order and placement are in accordance with the individual application.
  • What is the typical usage?
    This is very hard to define because the intensity of Titan Sweet can be impacted by the other ingredients used in the finished product. For example, certain starches dull intensity, while fructose found in fruit and fruit juices intensifies it.
  • Is Titan Sweet heat stable?
    Titan Sweet has been shown to maintain sweetness when processed at 220 °F or less. Specific testing is recommended.
  • Does it work in low-pH environments?
    Yes, Titan Sweet excels in acidic environments, often masking the bitterness associated with high-acidity products.
  • Can Titan Sweet be used with other sweeteners?
    Titan Sweet is very effective when used with Stevia and monk fruit. It adds lasting sweetness while masking the aftertaste associated with those alternative sweeteners. Titan Sweet also effectively reduces the amount of sugar in liquid applications
  • Are samples available?
    Yes, we can send free 30 gram samples. If larger amounts are needed, we can sell a 1lb sample for $150.
  • How is it packed, and what is the MOQ?
    Outside of the 1lb sample, the MOQ is 5lbs. It is available in 5# or 10# boxes.
  • Where is Titan Sweet made?
    Titan Sweet is formulated and manufactured in the USA.
  • What is the lead time for an order?
    Orders under 100lb are ready to ship within 2 business days. Depending on inventory, orders over 100lb may take up to a week to ship. The product ships from Louisiana. Dry shelf life is 2 years when kept in a cool, dry place.
  • Is a liquid version available?
    Yes, on a custom basis, depending on the application. The fundamental performance and properties are the same as the dry. However, the formula depends on the application, so more discussion is needed.
  • Can Titan Sweet's formula be modified/customized?
    Yes, with a 5# MOQ, we can alter the formula. It can be blended with other sweeteners and/or modified with other natural flavors to alter taste or performance.
  • I just want to buy Thaumatin, can I buy plain Thaumatin from foodguys?
    Yes, but straight thaumatin is not very palatable on its own. We have our own flavorist on staff who developed Titan Sweet. In his career, he has developed thousands of flavors for many multinational corporations and is available to assist with your project.
  • Who makes Titan Sweet?
    Titan Sweet was formulated by Dallas Flavors LLC, whose majority owner is foodguys.
  • How much does Titan Sweet cost?
    Pricing ranges from $150-$110/lb, depending on the order size. On a per-serving basis, Titan Sweet is about 1/10th the price of sugar
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