About Frozen Acai Berry: 

Industrial frozen acai berry is available in two formats: IQF and straight packs. 

IQF acai berry, otherwise known as Individually Quick Frozen Acai Berry, is an industrial ingredient for food manufacturers, pet food manufacturers, baby food manufacturers, and beauty manufacturers. The IQF acai berry can be packed whole or pieces such as diced, sliced, or chopped. Straight pack and IQF acai berry are handpicked during the peak of their season from August to December. After each berry has been washed and processed according to the desired specification, the berries are frozen to retain its taste characteristics and quality until they will be ready to be used by the manufacturer. 

What Are The Benefits of IQF Acai Berry? 

Industrial manufacturers benefit from utilizing IQF acai berries due to their ability to eliminate food waste, flexibility in packaging and format, and ability to meet high-quality standards by retaining its peak of freshness taste. 

Utilizing IQF acai berry allows for streamlining to occur in the manufacturing process due to its ability to make storing and using the ingredient easier. For example, IQF acai berry can be partially utilized and thawed out as needed instead of generating food waste related to using fresh acai products.  

IQF Acai berries have the flexibility to be treated as fresh berries products making them an ideal ingredient for 

brews, smoothies, baby food, baked goods, desserts, jams, and dairy products.

Acai berries are harvested at the peak of season which allows foodguys to source conventional and organic berries from around the country. By freezing the berries at their peak, it allows for the typically delicate fruit to maintain its quality and arriving fresh no matter the time of year. 

Acai Berry Available Pack Style:  

  • Whole

  • Crumbles

  • Pieces

Acai Berry Straight Pack Options:

  • Acai Berry packs available in whole, crumbles, and pieces.

  • Acai Berry sugar packs are available as 3+1, 4+1, 7+1. 

Additional Industrial Acai Berry Products: 

  • Freeze Dried Acai Berries

  • Dehydrated Acai Berries

  • Canned Acai Berries

  • Acai Berry Juice Concentrate 

  • Acai Berry Purees

  • Acai Berry Based Blends 

  • Custom Acai Berry Blends and Mixed

Additional Certifications Available: 

  • Non-GMO and Organic 

  • Kosher and Halal

Acai Berry Product Packaging Available: 

  • Cases

  • Pails

  • Drums 

  • Tote

  • Poly-bag 

Here at foodguys we offer a one-stop shop for all your IQF acai berry and frozen acai berry industrial ingredient needs.

foodguys work with processors and farmers around the world to supply IQF acai berries of various certifications, packaging, and formats. We offer our 29 years of experience sourcing processed acai berry products for various manufacturing industries. We have developed direct relationships with processors all over the world, allowing us to find YOU the exact product specifications you need, at the price that works for your company. 

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