Get to know the voices on the other end of the phone!  Take a behind the scenes look at the foodguys family: who we are, what we do and how we fit into the foodguys mix! If you would like to contact any of the foodguys/gals you can do so by clicking on their foodguy cartoon! 

sales team 

As foodguys "Go To" guy, Mac is responsible for making things happen in this world. He is held accountable by all that is out there in the universe to get people what they want, when they want it. Mac has an attitude that everybody needs to win while conducting business ventures and strives to achieve lofty goals on an everyday basis. He adopts a "win the day" mentality when he rises each day, to keep him focused and aware that we are always in the moment. In his personal life, Mac has a wife of 10+ years and two little girls. They are the motivating factor for all the above mantras and his reason to thrive. Mac is a rock-and-roll music-loving baseball fanatic that's always known to have a good time.

 go-to guy


Vance is a senior purchasing agent at foodguys. With over ten years of experience in sales and procurement, Vance demonstrates a high level of commitment to exceeding customers' expectations, through providing his clients with products that consistently meet their requirements. He enjoys working in product and recipe development. In his twenty year career as an executive chef, Vance has developed strong personal habits and skills, that enable him to achieve positive results for his clients! 

 right guy


Devin, the “Stand-Up Guy,” is dedicated to establishing meaningful relationships that will withstand the test of time.  He is known for his contemplative ways, eager to listen and provide feedback.  Being a natural born Oregonian, he enjoys camping, hiking, reading, and gardening.  He attended college at the University of Denver majoring in International Business.  During college he had the opportunity to study abroad extensively, setting foot on foreign soils in 4 continents.  This experience has given him a global outlook to the food industry: relentlessly exploring new markets for import and export opportunities to better serve his clients.

stand-up guy


Nick's love of the food industry extends back to his decade of experience in the restaurant industry. Nick has worked really hard and feels extremely fortunate to have turned a passion for food into an awesome career in ingredient supply. Nick has the pleasure of supplying companies whose products he already buys, with their raw materials. What could be more cool? He prides himself on being extremely resourceful and using his “never-give-up” mentality to make sure he finds exactly what his customers are looking for. Nick is also a musician, who takes that same creative approach to his ingredient sourcing... and has a lot of fun doing it!

 solutions guy


Rod, our “Committed Guy,” is passionate about developing mutually beneficial relationships and exceeding his customer’s expectations.  Rod is extremely detail oriented and diligent in providing his clients with exactly what they want, when they need it, at the price that they are looking for.  Rod comes to foodguys after a career in football, as a player, coach, scout, and in television production.  He brings with him the same commitment to precision and dedication to teamwork that is needed to win championships on the field of competition.  Rod has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Penn State University and a Master of Arts degree from Oregon State University.  Rod is goal oriented and  driven toward achieving success for everyone that he works with.  When Rod is not focused on delivering for his clients, he enjoys politics, traveling, and consuming world news.        

committed guy


bring it guy

Mike loves coming into work at HQ every day bringing his customers creative solutions in sourcing the exact products his customers are looking at the price they need. Prior to becoming a foodguy, Michael had managed shelf stable food production facilities, a certified organic farm and livestock operation, bought and sold natural and organic meats, fish and poultry, was a butcher and a professional cook. Outside of work Mike loves travel, bicycling and hiking (and food).


Nate is on our Foodservice and Retail team here at foodguys and is always looking to provide an awesome experience for his customers.. He brings flexibility, honesty and solutions to your foodservice needs. If you want a private label program, foodservice or retail, he is the guy to talk to. Nate graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. Growing up around dairy processing, he developed an early love for the food industry and the people in it. In his personal life, he has a wonderful wife, Bryn, and amazing group of friends. He enjoys finding the best eating spots in Portland and watching his favorite sports teams; the Seahawks, Beavers and Trailblazers.

awesome guy


Who’s got it? Megan’s got it. Who’s got it? MEGAN!! She's owned a business taking care of your most precious assets, your children. She’s managed restaurants with ease. She’s resourceful, curious, and most importantly, “on-the-ball”. Handing your purchasing requirements over to Megan means you’ll get a good communicator, who is as tenacious as she is honest. Are you ready to give your orders to someone who gets it? Give it to Megan, she’s got-it.

got-it gal


Max, our Dedicated Guy, has been dedicated to a life in sales since the ripe age of 12 when the school principal shut down his profitable candy sales business. Fast forward a few years to when Max had a wood business selling chopped fire wood to local customers, which financed his bass fishing habit quite nicely. During college Max kept up with his wood business, competitive bass fishing and completed a degree in finance, along with a sales internship with foodguys. Upon graduation it was only natural that Max would dedicate his career to that of sales, in a role where he is dedicated to you, his customer. 

dedicated guy


Lorisa graduated from Portland State University in 2013 with a major in Psychology. She has spent the last 12 years in customer service and during that time has accumulated 5 years in sales experience. Lorisa understands how frustrating buying can be in any industry and what it means to give outstanding customer service.  This Veracious gal does what it takes to get the job done, and will always be a straight shooter. If you need answers or solutions, she’s your gal!

veracious gal


Jeff got his start in the food world at a family sandwich shop when he was 12.  The excitement and satisfaction he found in the industry led him to other food related jobs until graduating from the University of Oregon where he got into sales and customer service.  Jeff is the “Dynamic” guy because he is a force that stimulates progress as he finds solutions and services to fit his customer’s food related needs, helping them grow their business.  When he isn’t providing his customers with his best service, he is fishing for salmon and steelhead around the Pacific Northwest, finding a river to whitewater raft or cooking a new recipe at home.

dynamic guy


Tanner is “your guy.”   He is committed to making sure you get the ingredients you want when you need them. He got his start in the food industry as a production leader in an olive oil packaging facility and then added a few years experience in the document management side of the food industry, he understands how to meet his customers' needs. He is committed to helping your business succeed. Tanner enjoys providing great service for his costumers, staying active and fishing.   

your guy


Ricky, our Global Guy prides himself on being able to act quickly and think outside of the box to create solutions when needed. He has a Masters in Psychology and over 10 years of sales experience across different industries. This means when it comes to understanding his customers’ needs, he is attentive, and always ready to go above and beyond while maintaining a high level of quality communication. His general love of the food industry means he’s always looking at the latest trends and what may be the ‘next big thing’. If you need someone to thoroughly understand your needs and find the best way to make it happen, Ricky is your foodguy.

global guy


Nicholas grew up with a love for good food and the industry. His grandparents owned a restaurant and he spent the majority of his high school and college years in and around the restaurant business at both the front and back of the house. Through his college years he developed a passion for problem solving and helping others. Nicholas knew he was home at foodguys when he realized he could combine both his love of the food industry and passion to problem solve. Whether it is Monday morning or Friday afternoon Nicholas has the same willingness, energy, and desire to solve whatever the problem is and get the job done. In his free time Nicholas enjoys going to the beach, the outdoors, and getting together with friends to watch College football.

energetic guy


Rachel brings all of her enthusiasm and reliability to her work every day.  She spent 7 years in the airline catering industry before coming to foodguys so she know what it takes to meet a deadline and how to stay on top of what’s trending.  Working with all the major airlines directly, she also understands how important details are when you’re looking for that special item to help your business stand out.  Exceeding your expectations is what makes her the “Valiant” gal.  Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending quality time with her family and traveling to new places.

valiant gal


Jillian graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Communication. She has always had a love for the food industry, working in restaurants all the way from high school throughout her college career. She thoroughly enjoys combining her love of food with her love of helping people, and continues to showcase that each day at foodguys. She will always tackle any problem, inquiry, or opportunity with positivity. In her free time, she enjoys staying active and spending quality time with friends & family.

Charismatic Gal


Rachael is our Genuine Gal. She comes to us after spending 5 years in insurance sales. She understands the importance of building relationships and being a part of your team. She will get you the ingredients that you need, when you need them to keep your business growing. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors in the beautiful Pacific NW that she calls home.


support team

Gary is the destination guy.  As a Customer Service Manager, it is his job to get the products where they need to be and when they need to be there.  Growing up on a family farm, he learned the value of hard work and the dedication of getting the job done.  Outside of work, Gary like to be outdoors fishing, camping, playing sports, boating along wtih traveling and spending time with his family.  Food hobbies include grilling and brewing beer. Gary looks forward to experimenting with the next product foodguys carries. 

destination guy


Marshall is the "Solid Guy" here at foodguys! He is dependable. As a Customer Service Manager, he works in partnership with his sales team to have our customer's orders delivered on time. Marshall enjoys the daily puzzle solving of how to get orders from Point A to Point B. He is a lifelong Oregonian, and Portlander, venturing outside the state for his college degree at the College of Idaho. In the spring, Marshall helps coach a high school Varsity baseball team in Portland.

solid guy


As a Customer Service Manager, Jenn H. brings amazing organization skills, customer service skills and yes, an abundance of comic relief to the team here at foodguys. She takes full ownership of everything that comes across her desk and is determined to resolve any customer needs that come up in a diligent and timely manner.

comic relief gal

Jenn H.

Dawn - Creative Gal

Dawn brings her strategic and creative thinking skills to foodguys along with 18+ years of Customer Service experience.  As a Customer Service Manager, she is always planning ahead and uses her creativity and imagination for planning contingencies and courses of action for all possible scenarios.  Dawn supports our sales team and is dedicated that our customer’s orders are processed smoothly and everything arrives on time.  When not at work you can find Dawn working on her house using her 18 years of construction experience doing some sort of creative or home remodeling project.  She also enjoys riding her ATV, fishing, camping, gardening, painting, and baking.

creative gal


wise guy

Jake is a real wise-guy. He graduated from Portland State University with a business degree in supply chain management. He’s dedicated to bringing knowledge, solutions, and a winning attitude to the foodguys team every single day. He believes the hardest problems can always be overcome with a little elbow grease and a smile. Jake really thrives on setting every customer up for success. When he’s not in the office he enjoys playing ice hockey, softball, cracking jokes and making the world a better place.


Ronna is the first voice you hear on the phone when calling the foodguys main line but managing the main phone line isn’t her only task. She is our Many Hats gal because she has her hands on a lot of projects in any given day be it mail management, shipping, guest services, office organization, documentation preservation, and anything else that keeps the foodguys team flowing.

many-hats gal


As foodguy's Support Gal, Tracy is responsible for supporting the principals of the company. She makes it possible for the Big Guy to be more effective in what he has to accomplish.  Before foodguys, she owned her own state-licensed childcare business for more than 8 years and prior to that, she held an office management position and worked as a legal assistant. If she can manage 10 children for ten hours a day, you better believe she can handle anything you can throw at her! She is a creative and multi-tasking mom of 3 who is fired up about being the foodgal who supports such an incredible team of talented individuals.

support gal


management team

Mark is the Big Guy and he created foodguys in 1991.  Mark drives the company’s strong commitment to clear communication and performance, and removing any barriers that impede these commitments. He is committed to giving customers a great experience of ease and moving with velocity and certainty, and is grateful to have a team who loves coming through for people. Mark is an Oregon State University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Economics.  Mark has been married to Monica since 1991; she is his partner in life and business.  Together they have 5 children who they are committed to helping grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  Mark's hobbies include reading and supporting his favorite sports teams, the Oregon State Beavers and Portland Blazers.

big guy


Slade is our President. He has been with foodguys since October of 2011. Naturally competitive and passionate about serving our customers, Slade brings over 20 years of sales and leadership experience to the role of foodguys President. Slade has a BA from Linfield College. He and his wife, Lorrie, have 2 boys, Tanner and Dawson.

lead guy


Our People Gal, and HR Manager, graduated from Portland State University with degrees in both Human Resources Management and Business Management. She chose this career path because her two passions are people and business. Now she has the opportunity to apply her passion, knowledge and experience to her role as our People Gal dealing with everything “people” here at foodguys.

people gal