What can foodguys do for me?

Our long-standing customer relationships ensure we can find a home for your ingredients. We can sell you inventories, move your excess product, find the price points you are looking for and create long-term relationships between the customer and your food ingredients. The foodguys sales team is on the phone all day, reaching out to our extensive database of buyers to get your product into the right hands. Let our sales team make the calls and find out what is needed for you. We have the time when you may not.


Why should I sell to you?

At foodguys, we are in it for the long-haul. We want to get to know you and your operation and what your long-term goals are. With our expertise, we can expand your representation in the marketplace, create strategies for the yearly purchasing of ingredients, and handle all aspects of the transaction including freight, billing and customer concerns. 


Do you provide the freight
and logistics?

Once the product has been located and the price has been negotiated, it is time to put the wheels in motion. We partner with transportation and logistical agencies around the world. Whether you are importing or you require domestic shipment, foodguys will facilitate the release process, shop for the best transportation prices, and coordinate the pick-up, freight and delivery logistics.


We can't ask you all the
questions in a form.

We'd love for you to call us: 503-570-2871