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Looking for the perfect release? 
Our release agents are cost-effective, eliminate waste, and are guaranteed to work.

foodguys is a direct partner to manufacturers to supply bulk ingredients for their production processes since 1991. We don't just supply bulk ingredients, we supply creative solutions and alternative supply chains. 


We are FSMA/FSVP compliant and can assist verified manufacturers with credit terms, warehousing, and logistics.  Kosher and Organic certifications are available upon request. Spot purchasing or contractual purchasing is available - just ask.


foodguys is an exclusive distributor of Sonneveld, creator of high-quality bakery release agents. We supply release oils, pan-release sprays, and bakery oils suitable for trays, molds, pans, and more.  

Food Release Agents and Bakery Release Agents 

​GoldWax 250: 

  • Perfect release! 

  • Eliminate overspray, increased savings through low usage amounts

  • Specifically made for hard to release products

  • Formulated for products with high sugar or protein


  • Excellent for bread products

  • Universal food release agents

  • Better releasing power compared to emulsions

E60 (Emulsion):

  • Great for releasing confectionery and pastry products

  • Ideal for madeleines, breads, and roll products 

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Looking for effective food or bakery release agents for your production? 
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