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Looking for Bulk Confectioners Sugar Suppliers?

foodguys is a direct importer and exporter that's been working with manufacturers to supply bulk confectioner sugar and other bulk ingredients for their production processes since 1991.

We are FSMA/FSVP compliant and can provide verified manufacturers with credit terms, warehousing, and logistics. 

We can supply 50 lb/100 lb bags, totes, truckloads, and drums. 


Kosher and Organic certifications are available upon request. Spot purchasing or contractual purchasing available - just ask.


Conventional Confectioners Cane/Beet Sugar (Domestic)

  • Bakers Special 

  • Powdered Sugar (4X, 6X, 10X, 12X)

  • Con A & AA Sugar 

  • Brown Sugars (light, medium, dark)

Conventional Confectioners Cane Sugar (Imports)

  • Demerara Sugar 

  • Turbinado Sugar 

  • Muscovado/Mascabado Sugar 

  • Sanding Sugar Pearl Sugar

  • Caster Sugar

Click here to view all of our bulk sugar and sweetener ingredients available. 

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Looking for bulk confectioners sugar for your production? 

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