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What foodguys Offer
Bulk Ingredient Sourcing, Ingredient Solutions, & More

If you require a specific bulk food ingredient and you want to optimize size, the right pack, the finest quality, and the best price, foodguys are the guys for you. As a bulk ingredient supplier, We use a network of growers, suppliers, processors, and packers, both domestic and international. We are committed to being reliable, responsive, innovative, and will get you what you need when you need it, all while saving you time and money.

When you first establish a relationship with foodguys, we create the criteria for clarifying what our customers truly want. Once we research and price the item(s) that you need, your foodguys salesperson will find it, sample it, compile and complete all the necessary documentation and certifications, manage every detail, and ship it to you. We are your all-inclusive food ingredient supplier. Need ingredients like sweeteners shipped across the world, stored, and delivered? No problem whatsoever - we're your guys. 

We offer innovative ingredient sourcing solutions and wholesale bulk ingredients that save time and money for manufacturers.

  • Ingredient Sourcing

  • Specialty and Commodity Ingredients

  • Trending Foods

  • Price Negotiation

  • Private Labeling

  • Ingredient Consulting

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Storage and Warehousing

  • Product Development / Research & Development

  • Financial Support and Credit

  • Food Safety Documentation

Who We Serve

With foodguys, you're getting more than the correct bulk ingredients, at the best price, to your specifications with logistics and food safety documents taken care of. You're getting a team of experts who understand the position you're in. foodguys can help with technical advice on ingredients and formats, assist with quality control, research & development, labeling, and process improvement. We don't just find your ingredients, we look at the whole picture. 

  • Food Manufacturers

  • Beverage Manufacturers

  • Pet Food Manufacturers

  • Baby Food Manufacturers

  • Food Service & Retail 

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 

  • Nutraceutical Manufacturers  

  • Cosmetic and Beauty Manufacturers

  • Gluten-Free Manufacturers

  • Product Research and Development

  • Suppliers

How We Bring Value

We are market disrupters in a good way. Rather than try to sell you what we make, we have the relationships and systems to find you what you want.

  • This means we partner with multiple suppliers to source the exact specification needed at the best price, which allows us to offer you more options than most manufacturers.

  • As a direct importer and trader, we have more control over what goes in the box. This increases confidence and reduces surprises.

  • Since we go where we’re needed, we offer a portfolio of products across multiple product categories to support you on more projects.

  • We leverage our industrial buying power to provide traditional industrial manufacturing, food service, and retail market categories with a different level of collaboration, customization, service, and pricing

  • We’re passionate about sourcing the correct spec and providing you the FSQA documentation you need. 

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