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Benefits of Ingredient Consultations for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, the ingredient solution that you want may not be the solution that you need.

What does this mean?

Perhaps you are reaching out to a bulk ingredient supplier with a desired ingredient already in mind. You will be using it for a product you are currently developing. While you may only focus on getting the supply, ingredient consultants may offer better alternatives. They can look at your business from an objective point of view. After that, they offer solutions derived from a high level of expertise, with a team's support with decades of combined experience.

Our consultants will not only ensure that you get high-quality and competitively priced ingredients. They will also strategize cost reductions, time savings, and streamlining of manufacturing processes.

Ingredient consultation is not just about providing options based on our industry knowledge. What's more important is our two-way communication, where we recognize your problems and business needs. This way, we learn exactly how to help you based on your situation. foodguys work as your partners and collaborators, not only your suppliers.

foodguys takes time to understand your operations, processes, products, and customers. It is how we get a clear picture of your business. After we listen, we then study your company and propose the best ways to give your business more value. This ingredient consulting service is one thing that sets us apart from other bulk ingredient suppliers.

Benefits of Ingredient Consultations for Manufacturers

foodguys believe that we can help you improve your manufacturing processes. Aside from stabilizing your supply chain, we can also give technical solutions and ingredient recommendations you may not have considered. Our helpful advice will help you reduce costs, save time, and avoid manufacturing problems.

You will get the following benefits from our foodguys process:

Reduced Costs

As a bulk ingredient supplier, foodguys provide you the best supplies at a cost that works for you, we may also discover other opportunities to maximize your savings. There are other facets in your business that can present different options to save expenses. Aside from ingredients, you may save money on labor and transportation costs.

For instance, a banana bread manufacturer recently came to us for a supply of IQF bananas. Any supplier could have given them what they initially wanted. However, our persistence in offering value and helping them succeed made us discover a better alternative to IQF bananas. Through an ingredient consultation, foodguys suggested using banana puree. This alternative would reduce their ingredient costs by half.

The banana puree alternative allowed the manufacturer to do away with the thawing and mashing processes. Aside from saving from ingredient expenses, we reduced their storage, warehousing, and labor costs.

If you come to foodguys with what you think would be a simple request, we will not only focus on a single solution. We look at the big picture and focus on innovative ways to help your business. As we lower your expenses, we help you to concentrate on your core business model. After that, you can use the money you saved for your business's growth.

Save Time

foodguys believes that ingredient consulting saves time. In business, such time ultimately translates to money.

Our knowledge can help you decide quickly and react appropriately to the market's needs. foodguys has a thorough understanding of products' properties and functionalities. We know how certain ingredients perform in different applications and processes. Because of this, we can offer recommendations that may lessen the time you need for researching and trial-and-error.

foodguys can suggest the best ingredients to use for your application and hasten your production timeline considerably. We can also check for opportunities where you can automate and schedule your business operations to save time.

For instance, a gluten-free pizza crust manufacturer reached out to foodguys needing to save on ingredient costs. After an ingredient consultation, we found out that they were sourcing their rice flour locally. The ingredient was costly and logistically required transportation to pick up the ingredient every week.

We discovered that the local rice flour was proving to be a strain on the customer's business. foodguys quickly went to work in providing a less expensive alternative from a producer in California. Because of this, the manufacturer saved 23 cents per pound.

As part of our foodguys process, we determined we could automate the customer's weekly rice flour delivery. This automation efficiently saved time that the manufacturer would spend weekly otherwise. foodguys introduced a solution that saves time and money.

Solve Problems

foodguys can provide you with fresh perspectives in tackling production and manufacturing problems. Our solutions come from our years' worth of knowledge and experience in the industry. We may be able to point out ways to eliminate bottlenecks in your processes that may not have been on your radar.

foodguys can also give recommendations on hard-to-find ingredients. We make this possible through our extensive knowledge and resources. Our expertise allows you to make your processes smoother and your job easier.

Recently, foodguys helped a muffin company stabilize its supply chain. We improved its production process by offering solutions that were far better than their desired alternative. It started when the muffin company initially came to us to switch their ingredient. Instead of using wild blueberries for their muffins, they wanted to replace them with cultivated ones. They needed to minimize ingredient costs, so they thought the alternative could work with their product.

However, cultivated blueberries did not match the quality of their previous formulations. It sunk to the bottom of the batter because of its large size and weight. As a result, their products suffered.

We listened to the muffin company's problems, and we paid attention to their needs and wants. We recommended rubels, a specific variety of cultivated blueberries. Rubels look and perform very similarly to wild blueberries. It was precisely the kind of ingredient that the muffin company needed. We came up with this alternative by using our resources, knowledge, and network of ingredient growers.

foodguys worked directly with the rubel grower and quickly secured the muffin company with enough supply. As a result, the muffin company saved 25% of wild blueberries' costs. foodguys helped them with each of their needs. From finding an alternative ingredient to minimizing their expenses, we solved their problems without sacrificing their product quality.

The muffin company wouldn't have been able to source the best alternatives if provided with what they thought they needed. They might have missed the opportunity to safeguard their supply chain and retain their product quality. This example is just one of our many success stories in helping manufacturers with ingredient consultations by looking at our customers' big picture.


Beyond our traditional services as bulk ingredient suppliers, foodguys can provide creative solutions that add value to your products. For instance, our ingredient consultants can anticipate opportunities to streamline your processes, such as private labeling and custom packing. We can also help you strategize in sampling for research & development projects.

foodguys wants your brand to thrive. We know that the shifting consumer behaviors can drive you to innovate. We, as your partners, help you develop strategic plans backed by our knowledge and experience in the industry. Our customers are our partners, which is why we put a premium on helping them with their goals and potential challenges.

Who We Are

foodguys dedicates itself to helping you with your ideal ingredient for your product regardless of the industry or application. Aside from supplying bulk ingredients, you can count on us when it comes to problem-solving. We offer advice on ingredients, formulations, and efficient supply chains. [

As our partner, you will have access to every facet of our services that help improve your operations. Our dedicated team with years of industry experience will be ready to help and offer you viable solutions.

foodguys has been working with manufacturers in all industries as a bulk ingredient supplier and bulk ingredient importer/exporter since 91'. We can supply you with anything under the sun. Call Michelle at 561-935-3815 with any ingredient supply questions or requests.

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