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Bulk Cranberry Supplier for Manufacturers 



Your exact ingredient to spec within your budget and time frame.

No hassles. Guaranteed. 

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foodguys is a supplier of bulk cranberry ingredients in all formats and specs. With over 50+ cranberry ingredients available from cranberry extracts, powders, and juices, foodguys can deliver your exact bulk cranberry ingredients or customize them to your exact spec. Multiple varieties of cranberry and grades available. Just Ask. 

Products Available: 

  • IQF Cranberry

  • Cranberry NFC

  • Cranberry Juice Concentrate 

  • Cranberry Juice (single strength available) 

  • Cranberry Puree

  • Cranberry Essence and Extracts

  • Dehydrated Cranberry

  • Freeze-dried Cranberry

  • Dried Cranberries (sugar-infused available) 

The answer is YES to: 

  • Sweetened and unsweetened 

  • Conventional, non-GMO, and organic available

  • Aseptic, HPP, and Non-HPP Available

  • Various specs such as sliced, halves, dices, powder

  • Kosher and Halal available

  • Cases, pails, pallets, tankers, drums, and totes

  • Financial and logistical support available

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask. Give us a call at 503-570-2871 or click the button below to return to our website.


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