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Syrups & Syrups Solids

foodguys simplify supply chains for manufacturers by not only providing ingredient sourcing, but also assisting verified manufacturers with credit terms, warehousing programs, and logistics. 

We are able to supply sweeteners, syrups, syrup solids, and more bulk ingredients by truckload for spot or contractual purchasing. 

foodguys can help with advice on ingredients and formats, assist with research & development, labeling, and production processes. We don't just supply your bulk ingredients, we look at the whole picture to streamline your manufacturing process. 

  • Rice Syrup (Brown Rice Syrup, Clarified Rice Syrup)

  • Tapioca Syrup (Organic) 

  • Low Sugar Syrup 

  • High Maltose Syrup

  • Infant Safe Syrup

  • Rice Syrup Solids (Organic) 

  • Tapioca Syrup Solids (Organic)

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Looking for bulk syrups or syrup solids for your production? 

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