Learn how foodguys can help you!

What can foodguys do for me?

If you require a specific food ingredient and you want to optimize size, the right pack, the finest quality, and the best price, foodguys are the guys for you! We use a network of growers, suppliers, processors, and packers, both domestic and international. We are committed to being reliable, responsive, innovative, and will get you what you need when you need it, all while saving you time and money.


If you want to distribute a food ingredient, we will research your potential customer demographic to create new opportunities. Expand your staff by allowing foodguys to be your outsource team. We'll manage the details from invoicing and account management to transportation logistics.

Why should I buy from you?

When you first establish a relationship with foodguys, we create the criteria for clarifying what our customers truly want. Once we research and price the item(s) that you need, your foodguys salesperson will find it, sample it, compile and complete all the necessary documentation and certifications, manage every detail, and ship it to you. We are your all-inclusive food ingredient brokerage firm. Need ingredients like sweeteners shipped across the world, stored, and delivered? No problem whatsoever - we're your guys. 


We are paid on results. We are extremely diligent in researching your target market and finding the product that meets your needs. Consider foodguys an extension of your company that networks and facilitates relationships and partnerships with an excellent supplier database.

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Do you provide
transportation services?

Once the product has been located and the price has been negotiated, it is time to put the wheels in motion. We partner with transportation and logistical agencies around the world. Whether you are importing or you require a domestic shipment, foodguys will facilitate the release process, shop for the best transportation prices, and coordinate the pick-up, freight and delivery logistics.