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Supplying Bulk Ingredients for Manufacturers Since 1991

foodguys has everything under the sun.

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Supplying Bulk Ingredients By The Pallet, Truckload, and Container

Bulk Ingredients, industrial ingredient sourcing, negotiating, transporting, and delivering the bulk industrial ingredients you need from our vast worldwide networks - foodguys is your one-stop-shop! We have the resources and expertise to provide you with all-encompassing ingredient solutions to your industrial ingredient needs. is a bulk ingredient supplier for manufacturers in the food and beverage (human-grade, baby, and pet food), personal care, beauty, and nutraceutical industry. In addition, foodguys works with retailers, distributors, food service operators to provide bulk ingredient sourcing, ingredient solutions, and streamline processes related to ingredient procurement, transportation, and storage. 

It is our job as foodguys to make your job easier.

Think of it this way: foodguys has been doing this since '91, and in that time we have established relationships and networks that span the entire globe. We have rock-solid relationships with vendors, transportation, warehouses, and most importantly, a team that truly understands the process from start to finish.

Our resources allow us to pass high-volume/low-cost per unit order prices on to you. Our MOQs with our partners begin at one pallet (2,000 lbs). And the best part? We consider ourselves part of your team, so we will actively seek out additional ways for your organization to improve. 

Bulk Ingredient Sourcing for Manufacturers

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