Industrial Frozen Ingredients:

IQF Fruits and IQF Vegetables


We've got an enormous selection of frozen and individually quick frozen (IQF)  IQF fruits and IQF vegetables. Our IQF fruits and IQF vegetables are sourced from the highest quality producers, and whether your order is by the case or by the container, we have the resources and networks to provide you with conventional and organic IQF fruits and organic IQF vegetables at prices that are hard to beat. However, our service goes beyond just supplying you with great IQF fruits and IQF vegetables. We will negotiate the best price, transport, warehouse, and deliver the fruits, and vegetables to you anywhere in the world AND take care of the paperwork. We can supply organic, non-GMO, all-natural, or conventional products.


Here are some of the IQF fruits and IQF vegetables that we here at foodguys offer our customers:





















































IQF Acorn Squash

IQF Artichokes

IQF Asparagus

IQF Bamboo Shoots

IQF Beets

IQF Bell Peppers

IQF Bok Choy

IQF Broccoli

IQF Brussel Sprouts

IQF Butternut Squash

IQF Cabbage

IQF Carrots

IQF Cauliflower

IQF Celery

IQF Chiles

IQF Collard Greens

IQF Corn

IQF Cucumber

IQF Edamame

IQF Eggplant

IQF Garlic

IQF Green Beans

IQF Kale

IQF Leeks

IQF Mushrooms

IQF Okra

IQF Onions

IQF Parsnip

IQF Peas

IQF Peppers

IQF Potatoes

IQF Pumpkins

IQF Spinach

IQF Squash

IQF Sugar Snap Peas

IQF Sweet Potatoes

IQF Swiss Chard

IQF Water Chestnuts

IQF White Asparagus

IQF Yams

IQF Yuca

IQF Zucchini


IQF Acaí Berries

IQF Ackee

IQF Apples

IQF Apricots

IQF Avocado

IQF Banana

IQF Black Raspberries

IQF Blackberries

IQF Blueberries

IQF Boysenberries

IQF Cantaloupe

IQF Cherimoya

IQF Cherries

IQF Cranberries

IQF Dragonfruit

IQF Durian

IQF Elderberries

IQF Figs

IQF Goji Berries

IQF Gooseberries

IQF Grapefruit

IQF Grapes

IQF Guanabana

IQF Guava

IQF Honeydew

IQF Huckleberries

IQF Kiwi 

IQF Lemons

IQF Limes

IQF Loganberries

IQF Lychee

IQF Mango

IQF Oranges

IQF Papaya

IQF Passion Fruit

IQF Peaches

IQF Pears

IQF Pineapple

IQF Plums

IQF Pomegranate

IQF Prunes

IQF Red Raspberries

IQF Strawberries

IQF Watermelon

IQF Fruits and Berries

IQF Vegetables

Don't see the IQF fruit or IQF vegetable you need in this list? We'll find it for you! Give us a call 503-570-2871 or send us an email